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Arthur Grant

editor and founder of the Cinema Cafe, hated school. Movies were his refuge. In the dark, there was no-one looking at him, judging him, testing him etc. He got to sit back, look through a magical window of understanding and enjoy all kinds of memorable experiences. Hopefully he can share some of these and other precious times with you, his fellow movie buffs, and inspire you to share yours at The Cinema Cafe. 

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Bob DiMucci

is a retired film, and film music, enthusiast who lives in Alexandria, Virginia U.S.A.


Mr. X

(Wishes to remain anonymous).


Preston Neal Jones

on the other hand, wishes to become famous.  A producer-writer-actor-director-teacher-lyricist-poet-raconteur-bon vivant, he lives on a farm in New England in his mind.

Author of:

"Heaven and Hell to Play With: The Filming of THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER"

"Return to Tomorrow: The Filming of STAR TREK - THE MOTION PICTURE" (October, 2014)

"The Ghost of Hans J. Salter," in "I TALKED WITH A ZOMBIE," by Tom Weaver


Renard N. Bansale

once aspired to become an astronaut, until finding his passion in film discussion, criticism, and Oscar tracking. He hails from Seattle, WA and currently enjoys conducting live readings of feature film screenplays for his film school classmates at JP Catholic.

Be sure to check out his current review show Not-Too-Critical Reviews at


A.C. Francis 

has been living and breathing film since childhood. He grew up “in the movies”, watching the great films of the 70s in his father’s movie theater. Writing film reviews/articles for a Florida paper, he went on to freelance writing for websites and magazines. A.C. currently plans on returning to his writing days of yesteryear.