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Just some thoughts on current happenings:



There are two recommended video releases this month. Both are region free, limited edition Blu-rays issued by Twilight Time in the U.S. and scheduled for release June 10:

First up is the tremendously exciting action thriller The Train directed by John Frankenheimer operating with the title subject's full force.

Burt Lancaster matches him all the way giving an emotionally and physically consummated performance. Spectacular action sequences, sans CGI of course, are ingeniously linked to the intriguing subterfuge behind them to create a totally captivating cinematic experience. Viewers can marvel at the unsurpassed kinetic energy generated between cinematographers Jean Tournier and Walter Wottitz with editors David Bretherton and an uncredited Gabriel Rongier. The humanity of this film shines through as well, with so many of its characters' willingness to make individual sacrifices for the greater good, and its numerous depictions of intelligent discourse both personal and patriotic, over the true value and relevance of art.    






Then there's The Man From Laramie. It's #7 on my list of Top Ten Westerns. Like the above film, the characters are highly charged, and psychologically conflicted, making this film’s viewing a potent and enthralling experience. 




Pictures and info on both of the above Blu-rays plus other new releases can be found on The Cinema Cafe's Pinterest Board. To purchase either title from their exclusive distributor, Screen Archives Entertainment, simply click on the above corresponding image. Screen Archives ships worldwide.





For June, the recommended CD Soundtrack is another very limited release (1,000 units) of Lalo Schifrin's pulsating score to The Fourth Protocol.

Manufactured by BuySoundtrax, it has a very informative write-up on Intrada Records' ordering page, which can be viewed by clicking on the image to the right. Intrada also ships worldwide.









There are two recommendations for those enjoying Turner Classic Movies in the U.S. this June.

The first is Sam Peckinpah's magnificent western homage Ride the High Country scheduled to air Wednesday, June 11 at 5pm PST. I will have more on this treasure soon. TCM's current monthly schedule can be viewed by clicking on the image to the right. 




Later in the month, TCM will show one of the best and most unusual films noir ever made, They Won't Believe Me. This is Hidden Gem #10 which I have previously "inspected" (reviewed) HERE. Unfortunately, it looks as though the edited 80-minute version of this amazing film will be presented as opposed to the 95-minute original cut. Still, it's well worth checking out being unavailable domestically on DVD and rarely shown. By clicking on the image one can confirm its airing on Monday, June 30 at 7:30am PST.

#Edit: Due to the recent passing of veteran actor Eli Wallach and some of his films having been selected to be shown on TCM, They Won't Believe Me, will not air on Monday, June 30th as originally planned. I have been in touch with TCM and will immediately pass on information regarding any future airing.