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Exhibiting Your Treasures #3: Where to Get Them Part 2

After mentioning various 'Treasures' and 'Gems' it's time to discuss their availability.

We will continue with Hidden Gems #11 - 20 (Please see: Exhibiting Your Treasures #2 for a complete introduction to this topic and Where To Find Hidden Gems #1 - 10.)  


Hidden Gem #11 is not currently available on DVD or Blu-ray but was issued on VHS tape with English subtitles:


Forever Mary [VHS]
Starring Michele Placido, Claudio Amendola, Francesco Benigno, Alessandro Di Sanzo, Tony Sperandeo

Hidden Gem #12 is available on this Australian produced DVD from Umbrella Entertainment and is an excellent anamorphic widescreen transfer:

Malcolm [PAL]
Starring Colin Friels, Chris Haywood, John Hargreaves, Charles 'Bud' Tingwell, Heather Mitchell

Hidden Gem #13 has recently been announced for release by Criterion (Halleluiah!) in the U.S. (note: The Region A Blu-ray will be region locked.)  

Hidden Gem #14 is available on DVD with English subtitles: 

Hidden Gem #15 is available on this anamorphic widescreen Region 1 DVD with English subtitles: 

Starring Michel Piccoli, Ottavia Piccolo, Jacques Dutronc, Charles Denner

Hidden Gem #16  is available on this Region 2 DVD originating in the U.K. and is an excellent anamorphic widescreen transfer:

Orders to Kill [Region 2]
Starring James Robertson Justice, Lionel Jeffries, Eddie Albert, Paul Massie, Lillian Gish

Hidden Gem #17 is available on this Region A (locked) Blu-ray and contains a stunning transfer with English subtitles:

Matrimony (Blu-ray)
Starring Fan Bing Bing

Hidden Gem #18 Titicut Follies is currently unavailable in any format. 

#Edit: Updated news has Hidden Gem #18 Now Available on DVD from Zipporah Films (Region 1):

Titicut Follies

Hidden Gem #19 is available on this "Made On Demand" DVD from Warner Archives. This is an excellent transfer:

Devil's Doorway
Starring Robert Taylor, Louis Calhern, Paula Raymond, Marshall Thompson, James Mitchell

Hidden Gem #20 is only available on DVD without English subtitles:

Nuestro Cine Clasico: Distinto Amanecer/La Perla
Starring Pedro Armendariz

Next Time: The Availability of Top Ten Guilty Treasures