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Six Degrees of Treasure Trivia: Quiz #1

6 DEGREES OF TREASURE TRIVIA:  Further hints to question #1 will be provided in the others (#2-#6). Feel free to send your answers to

1.  Both of the following memorable quotes are from the same film.  Can you guess the title?

“The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long and you’ve burned so very, very brightly Roy.”

“All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain.”

2.  There is a scene in the above film in which, during his investigation, our central character dons a false nerd-like identity and asks some largely irrelevant questions to a female suspect.

A similarly described scene occurs in a famous film noir of 1946. Can you name the film?

3.  The film referred to in question #1 was first released theatrically with a voice-over narration. Some time later there was a subsequent version shown without it. In addition, its original ending was shortened.

Can you name the famous science fiction film from 1956 which underwent the same experience? 

4. One of the actors appearing in the film referenced in question #1, plays a game of chess. When he was much younger, this same actor appeared in a classic film noir directed by a chess aficionado which also happens to contain a scene in which chess is played.  

Can you name the actor and the earlier film in which he appeared?

5. There is a climactic scene in film #1 that takes place in an iconic building. This famous building was used over 20 years earlier for an intense showdown toward the end of a noteworthy film.  

Can you name the building, its location (referenced in both films) and the earlier film's title?  

6.  In its original theatrical release version, Film #1's happy ending utilised outtake footage from the very start of a 1980 horror film. The actor referenced in question #4 also makes a memorable appearance in this 1980 film directed by film #4's director.

Can you name this 1980 film and the occupation the actor plays?  And finally for the real diehards out there, provide the first name of the character he plays.