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Answers to Sterling Silver Dialogue #16

Sterling Silver Dialogue #16: (Answers)



"You've got a nasty reputation Mr. Gitts. I like that."

John Huston as Noah Cross (speaking to Jack Nicholson as Jake Gittes)








Jake Gittes: “How much are you worth?”
Noah Cross: “I have no idea. How much do you want?”
Jake Gittes: “I just wanna know what you’re worth. More than 10 million?”
Noah Cross: “Oh my, yes!”
Jake Gittes: “Why are you doing it?” How much better can you eat? What could you buy that you can’t already afford?”
Noah Cross: “The future, Mr. Gitts! The future!” 

Jack Nicholson as Jake Gittes speaks to John Huston as Noah Cross












"My purpose is madness.... the only way you know what really happens in war. By lying you can open the door a little crack on the truth."

 Al Freeman Jr. as Pvt. Allistair P. Benjamin in Castle Keep







"Sure I know I've got lots of faults, but being in love with you isn't one of them, is it?"

 Howard Da Silva as Eddie Harwood (speaking to Veronica Lake as Joyce Harwood) in The Blue Dahlia









"I am not putting the knock on dolls. It's just that they are something to have around only when they come in handy... like cough drops."


Marlon Brando as Sky Masterson (speaking to Frank Sinatra as Nathan Detroit) in Guys and Dolls









"You like money. You got a great big dollar sign there where most women have a heart."

Sterling Hayden as Johnny Clay (speaking to Marie Windsor as Sherry Peatty)

"You have my sympathies, then. You have not yet learned that in this life you have to be like everyone else - the perfect mediocrity; no better, no worse. Individuality's a monster and it must be strangled in its cradle to make our friends feel confident. You know, I've often thought that the gangster and the artist are the same in the eyes of the masses. They are admired and hero-worshiped, but there is always present underlying wish to see them destroyed at the peak of their glory."

Kola Kwariani as Maurice Oboukhoff (speaking to Sterling Hayden as Johnny Clay)



Fisher: "Sounds pretty mysterious. What's it all about?"

(response) "There are some things, my dear Fisher, which bear not much looking into. You have undoubtedly heard of the Siberian goat herder who tried to discover the true nature of the sun; he stared up at the heavenly body until it made him blind. There are many things of this sort, including love, and death, and... maybe we'll discuss this later today. Please remember to make that call if I'm not back at 6:30."

Kola Kwariani as Maurice Oboukhoff (responds to) Uncredited Actor as Fisher



The Killing_00120150228001819122.jpg

(as she’s dying) "It isn't fair. I never had anybody but you. Not a real husband. Not even a man. Just a bad joke without a punch line."

Marie Windsor as Sherry Peatty (speaking to Elisha Cook Jr. as George Peatty)



(The above are from)











"What she meant we'll never know. It's what she said that counts."


Laird Cregar as Ed Cornell (speaks to Betty Grable as Jill Lynn) in I Wake Up Screaming








"The fact is, Morgan is an uncivilised brute. Sometimes he drinks heavily. A night like this will set him going. Once he's drunk he's rather dangerous."


(recurring line) “Have a potato.”

Ernest Thesiger as Horace Femm




"They were all godless here. They used to bring their women here - brazen, lolling creatures in silks and satins. They filled the house with laughter and sin, laughter and sin. And if I ever went down among them, my own father and brothers - they would tell me to go away and pray. They wouldn't tell Rachael to go away and pray. (she laughs) And I prayed - and left them with their lustful red and white women."


(feels the fabric of a guest’s low-cut gown) "That's fine stuff, but it'll rot."
(touches her skin above the neckline) "That's finer stuff still, but it'll rot too... in time!"


(recurring line) “No beds!”

Eva Moore as Rebecca Femm (pictured on left with Gloria Stuart as Margaret Waverton) 



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"What in heaven's name brought you to Casablanca?"
(reply) "My health. I came to Casablanca for the waters."
(response) "The waters? What waters? We're in the desert."
(reply) "I was misinformed."

Claude Rains as Captain Louis Renault asks Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine




"Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine (to Claude Rains as Captain Renault)







(The above are)










"You know, I have the strangest feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful hatred."

Humphrey Bogart as Geoffrey Carroll in The Two Mrs. Carrolls