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Treasure Trivia: Quiz #7

Treasure Trivia:

The Cinema Cafe has a chat room on Facebook that readers are welcome to join here. On Mondays, we have a movie trivia game called "Match-up Mondays" where the object is to name the common denominator between all of the films pictured and also correctly identify them. 

Like Quiz #6, there is a commonality between the films depicted here, but this time, instead of the characters having something in common, it is one of the scenes in each of the films represented below.  Can you name the films shown and what each of their scenes has in common? Feel free to use all resources that are available. The first person to complete the answers here will win their choice between a Region 4 (Australia) DVD of Top Ten Guilty Treasure Let It Ride or the Michael Curtiz/Elvis Presley film King Creole, neither of which are presently available on Blu-ray.  

#Edit: On closer inspection, it's been discovered that the selected scene from The Getaway (previously #4) does not actually occur at the same type of location as the others. It has therefore been replaced by another film that does fit the criteria and an additional film has been added bringing the total to 6.   


Here are the (now) 6 films (Good luck!):










image 2.jpg