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In this clip from the 1985 BBC documentary series In at the Deep End (1982-87), the great British actor and notorious hellraiser Oliver Reed (February 13, 1938 - May 2, 1999) teaches broadcaster Paul Heiney about acting (for the latter’s subsequent role as an evil German mercenary in the 1985 film Water starring Michael Caine) in what appears to be Reed’s home, at the time this was filmed. Even though Reed’s initial instructions spark some hilarious reactions between the two, there might actually be some useful information here that could seriously benefit less experienced actors. When the lesson comes to an abrupt end because of Reed’s frustration, notice he cannot help but grin as he throws the young man out of his house. That levity and the camera still being present would indicate this entire episode was purposely staged for humorous effect, which if so, it surely achieved.