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Top Ten Treasure Maps: Best Movie Trailers Part 10 Psycho

Top 10: Best Movie Trailers

These previews entice viewers of the feature-length wealth to come.


The choices are by Mr. X.

#1. Psycho (1960)


We’ve finally reached Top Ten Trailer #1 and it’s a most unusual, highly divergent introduction to a genuinely horrific tale: a guided tour of what this film’s director almost tongue-in-cheek refers to as “the scene of the crime.” Despite his playful attitude here, Alfred Hitchcock held a tight reign on this film’s promotion, for example, not allowing critics private screenings and a “no late seating” policy for the moviegoing public. Composer Bernard Herrmann adds to this strange mix with unsettling music from Psycho combined with his playful score to Hitchcock’s The Trouble with Harry.

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