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Hidden Gems #1

Hidden Gem #10: They Won't Believe Me (1947, U.S.A.)

Director: Irving Pichel

This guy's a revelation: A real fish in a noir desert. (See: Inspecting a Hidden Gem).






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Hidden Gem #9: Amor Bandido a.k.a. Beloved Lover (1978, Brazil)

Amor Bandido 1.jpeg

 Director: Bruno Barreto

The streets are meaner than Scorsese's in this revved up melodrama where Romeo and Juliet meets A Short Film About Killing. (See: Inspecting a Hidden Gem).






Hidden Gem #8: Hunter in the Dark a.k.a. Yami no Karyudo (1979, Japan)


Director: Hideo Gosha

A one-eyed assassin with amnesia slices his way back to a haunted past in this exhilarating samurai gem.






Hidden Gem #7: The Fifth Seal a.k.a. Az ötödik pecsét (1976, Hungary)

The Fifth Seal 1.jpeg

 Director: Zoltan Fabri

This devastating masterpiece begins like a Eugene O'Neill play, with some guys in a bar philosophising about torture, the relevancy of which hits us like a sledgehammer when later they are captured and tortured by the Nazis.





Hidden Gem #6: Hotel Pacific a.k.a Zaklete rewiry (1975, Poland/Czechoslovakia)


Director: Janusz Majewski

A diverse group of loveable characters converge at the Hotel Pacific's restaurant in this funny yet poignant little cinematic gem.








Hidden Gem #5: Police Python 357 (1976, France)


 Director: Alain Corneau

A twist on the intriguing The Big Clock premise sets up a French "Dirty Harry" in this absorbing neo-noir thriller. (More here).







Hidden Gem #4: Madchen in Uniform a.k.a. Maedchen in Uniform (1931, Germany)


Director: Leontine Sagan

Beautifully enacted and sensitive portrayal of a shy young girl sent to an all girls boarding school who becomes desperately enamored with one of her female teachers.






Hidden Gem #3: The Ascent a.k.a. Voskhoz hdeniye (1977, Soviet Union)


Director: Larisa Shepitko

A couple of Soviet soldiers fight for survival in this harrowing, religiously symbolic WW2 masterstroke full of indelible imagery. (More here).







Hidden Gem #2: Deep End (1970, UK/West Germany)

Director: Jerzy Skolimowski

A handsome young lad learns about obsessive and unrequited love the hard way in this unique and compelling retro coming of age gem.






Hidden Gem #1: The Swimmer (1968, U.S.A.)

Director: Frank Perry

 "You loved it!"... Well you better love it since this dreamer's captivating, one of a kind and ultimately tragic journey home via his friend's suburban pools is my favourite film of all time. (See: Inspecting a Hidden Gem).




Hidden Gems #2 is here.

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