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End Credits #88: Cinema's 2019 Lost Treasures André Previn, Stanley Donen, Claude Goretta, Albert Finney / Capturing a Golden Moment #23: Miller's Crossing /, Julie Adams

These are some of Cinema's sad departures of 2019 taken from my personal notes soon after the events took place: 

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End Credits #72: Cinema's 2017 Lost Treasures Tobe Hooper

Along with Wes Craven (August 2, 1939 - August 30, 2015) who died just two years ago and the more recent loss of George Romero (February 4, 1940 - July 16, 2017), horror fans now mourn the loss of yet another master filmmaker who excelled in the genre: writer, director, producer, and actor Tobe Hooper (January 25, 1943 - August 26, 2017) who has died at age 74.


Guest contributor Bob DiMucci has provided this tribute to his filmmaking career:


The Films of Tobe Hooper



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