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These are some of Cinema's sad departures of 2019 taken from my personal notes soon after the events took place: 


Just some thoughts on current happenings:

Our contributor Renard N. Bansale has completed 10 more contemporary film reviews for your consideration. The rating system he'll use is devised primarily to give those who are trying to decide which films to see, a fun and easy way of (hopefully) choosing a more pleasurable movie-going experience. For a further introduction to this series please see 21st Century Treasure Quest #1. (A.G.)

Sadly, three greatly inspired “independent” filmmakers have passed away.

Guest contributor A.C. Francis has paid tribute to their careers.

Just some thoughts on current happenings:

The superb character actor Richard Erdman (June 1, 1925 - March 16, 2019) has died at age 93. 


Guest contributor Bob DiMucci has provided this tribute to his career:

The Films of Richard Erdman

I'll continue with some of cinema's most treasured images. For those familiar with the scenes represented they're bound to invoke a strong emotional response. The narratives' indelible moments are the primary reason these captures were selected. 

Just some thoughts on current happenings: