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Answers to Treasure Trivia Quiz #2


2 cops.jpg

#1. Two cops cynically banter throughout this film noir gem:  

"That's your seventh cup of coffee... you'll be awake for a year."  

(Sniffing a used glass of alcohol at a suspect's abandoned residence): "Aged in the glass Bourbon."

(Admiring a photo of a deceased crook's widow who works as a stripper): "Imagine a dish like this married to a mug like Benny McBride... The Naked and the Dead."            

Can you name the film?






cop and partner.jpg

#2. In the beginning of Film #1, a cop (the film's star) witnesses his partner being shot and killed. At the start of another film by the same director and with the same star, a similar situation occurs.         

Can you name the second film? 







#3. The target subject of Film #1 is also a primary feature used in heists carried out in these highly regarded crime movies from the following years:

1949, 1952, 1995, 2010.  

How many can you name?

criss cross.jpg








armored car kcc.jpg








title card h.jpg










#4. At the end of Film #1 the character Dave Purvis meets his demise at an airport. The object he's carrying incurs the same results (at the same type of  location) as that of another movie's fictional character: Johnny Clay. 


Can you name the "Johnny Clay" film?





title card the killing.jpg







#5. Anthony Mann directed Film #1's star in a 1947 film about counterfeiters. Later in their careers Mann directed the opening scenes for a film this same actor appears in, Mann was subsequently fired from. 

t title.jpg

 Can you name both movies?

(The actor is Charles McGraw pictured above on left and below on right)

mcgraw spartacus.jpg
spar title.jpg





film still.jpg

#6. The actor who plays Dave Purvis in Film #1 is picked up by a couple of guys on a hunting trip in this 1953 film directed by an actress. 

Can you name the film and its Director?

(Actor William Talman who plays Purvis in Armored Car Robbery is pictured in the middle here from this film listed below) 

title card.jpg
director ida lupino.jpg

The director of The Hitch-Hiker is Ida Lupino