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Six Degrees of Treasure Trivia: Quiz #3


Further hints to question #1 will be provided in the others (#2-#6).  Feel free to send your answers to 


#1. The following memorable quotes are heard in this film: 

"...the kind of man I've been looking for, lots of money and no resistance."

"Isn't there going to be any comedy in the show?"
(reply)"Plenty! The gay side, the hard-boiled side, the cynical and funny side of the depression! I'll make 'em laugh at you starving to death, honey... be the funniest thing you ever did."

Can you name the film? 


#2. In a very popular gangster film released in 1967 the central characters go to a theatre to see the film referenced in question #1.

Can you name the 1967 film? 


#3. In film #1 a scene that would have confounded Freud, features an actor who plays a baby (even though he was 8 years old at the time). This same actor memorably appears in a 1975 film about the destructiveness of the Hollywood dream machine whose setting occurs during the same decade in which film #1 was produced in.    

Can you name the actor and the 1975 film in which he appeared? 


#4. In an early scene from film #1 the fictional show's producer fires the 2 composers that have been working with him in order to hire a new composer he likes better. In reality, the 2 composers named are not only film #1's composers they also composed songs for 2 other major films with similar plot references, released the same year as film #1.   

Can you name the the composer and lyricist duo and the 2 other major film productions they worked on released that same year?  


#5. The actor playing the fictional replacement composer in film #1 stars as a very famous hard boiled detective in this film noir of 1944.   

Can you name the actor, the fictional detective and the film from 1944? 


#6. The director of film #1 had 2 years earlier made a famous gangster film which also made a huge star out of its lead actor. 

Can you name the director, the earlier film and its lead actor?