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Six Degrees of Treasure Trivia: Quiz #5


Further hints to question #1 will be provided in the others (#2-#6).  Feel free to send your answers to

1. The following are heard in this film:

"Plantin' and readin', plantin' and readin'. Fill a man full o' lead, stick him in the ground an' then read words at him. Why, when you've killed a man, why try to read the Lord in as a partner on the job?"

Can you name the film?


2. Upon seeing the star's performance in film #1, a famous Director is reported to have said: "I didn’t know the big son of a bitch could act!"

Can you name the star of the film referred to in #1 and the Director (who often hired him) ascribed to making the above remark?


3. In a 1971 Academy Award Best Picture nominated film, the final movie that plays in a local town's theatre is the film referenced in #1.

Can you name this 1971 film?


4. An actor making his motion picture debut in film #1 played a priest accused of murder in this 1953 film directed by a famous British Director.

Can you name the actor, the 1953 film and its Director?


5. The U.S. southern state that film #1's story begins in has a one word name sometimes used to describe it. This name is the same title of a 1956 film.

Can you name the 1956 film?


6. Two of the principal stars in film #1 appeared in the same director's subsequent 1959 film. In this '59 film, two other co-stars who were both known as singers sing a song adapted from the theme heard throughout film #1.

Can you name the two actors appearing in both film #1 and the 1959 film, the title of the 1959 film, both films' Director, and the additional two actors (and singers) of the song described? For the real diehards out there, name the song's title they sing and its music's composer (who's also film #1's composer) and finally the most baffling of all: Name the original theme's title for film #1.