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Treasure Trivia: Quiz #7

Treasure Trivia:

The Cinema Cafe has a chat room on Facebook that readers are welcome to join here. On Mondays, we have a movie trivia game called "Match-up Mondays" where the object is to name the common denominator between all of the films pictured and also correctly identify them. 

Like Quiz #6, there is a commonality between the films depicted here, but this time, instead of the characters having something in common, it is one of the scenes in each of the films represented below.  Can you name the films shown and what each of their scenes has in common? Feel free to use all resources that are available. The first person to complete the answers here will win their choice between a Region 4 (Australia) DVD of Top Ten Guilty Treasure Let It Ride or the Michael Curtiz/Elvis Presley film King Creole, neither of which are presently available on Blu-ray.  

#Edit: On closer inspection, it's been discovered that the selected scene from The Getaway (previously #4) does not actually occur at the same type of location as the others. It has therefore been replaced by another film that does fit the criteria and an additional film has been added bringing the total to 6.   


Here are the (now) 6 films (Good luck!):










image 2.jpg






Treasure Trivia: Quiz #6

Treasure Trivia:

The Cinema Cafe has a chat room on Facebook that readers are welcome to join here. On Mondays, we have a movie trivia game called "Match-up Mondays" where the object is to name the common denominator between all of the captures provided and also identify each of the films pictured. 

My most recent post seems to have stumped even our most knowledgeable and regular members as to the common denominator, so I thought I would post it here and offer a prize to the first person who can identify (in the comments section below) what the following film characters share in common. 


There are 6 characters, all of whom have been identified correctly by various chat room members and confirmed on the "Match-up Monday" post. One may use whatever resources are available to answer correctly and guess as often as possible. The prize selected is one I believe most film buffs don't already have but should: A new and sealed Region A Blu-Ray of Hidden Gem #17: The Matrimony a.k.a. Xin zhong you gui (2007, China)  which will be internationally airmailed to the winner. 

Here are the 6 previously identified film characters (Good luck!):







Six Degrees of Treasure Trivia: Quiz #5


Further hints to question #1 will be provided in the others (#2-#6).  Feel free to send your answers to

1. The following are heard in this film:

"Plantin' and readin', plantin' and readin'. Fill a man full o' lead, stick him in the ground an' then read words at him. Why, when you've killed a man, why try to read the Lord in as a partner on the job?"

Can you name the film?


2. Upon seeing the star's performance in film #1, a famous Director is reported to have said: "I didn’t know the big son of a bitch could act!"

Can you name the star of the film referred to in #1 and the Director (who often hired him) ascribed to making the above remark?


3. In a 1971 Academy Award Best Picture nominated film, the final movie that plays in a local town's theatre is the film referenced in #1.

Can you name this 1971 film?


4. An actor making his motion picture debut in film #1 played a priest accused of murder in this 1953 film directed by a famous British Director.

Can you name the actor, the 1953 film and its Director?


5. The U.S. southern state that film #1's story begins in has a one word name sometimes used to describe it. This name is the same title of a 1956 film.

Can you name the 1956 film?


6. Two of the principal stars in film #1 appeared in the same director's subsequent 1959 film. In this '59 film, two other co-stars who were both known as singers sing a song adapted from the theme heard throughout film #1.

Can you name the two actors appearing in both film #1 and the 1959 film, the title of the 1959 film, both films' Director, and the additional two actors (and singers) of the song described? For the real diehards out there, name the song's title they sing and its music's composer (who's also film #1's composer) and finally the most baffling of all: Name the original theme's title for film #1.

Six Degrees of Treasure Trivia: Quiz #4


Further hints to question #1 will be provided in the others (#2-#6).  Feel free to send your answers to


The first person to e-mail me at the address above with all of the correct answers will receive at no charge either:

A Region 4 DVD of The Big Heat: one of the great film noirs of all time or 

A Region 1 DVD of The Man From Laramie: one of the best westerns ever made. 

(Winner's choice) 


1. The following is heard in this film: 

"I know what you're thinkin'. Did he fire six shots or only five?" Well to tell you the truth in all this excitement I've kinda' lost track myself. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?" 

Can you name the film? 


2. Before delivering the speech above, we can see a theatre marquee displaying the name of a film the actor previously directed.  In addition, the director of film #1 appears as one of the characters in this film (on the marquee).

Name the actor who makes the above speech and the film on the marquee he previously directed before appearing in film #1. 


3. In a documentary about film #1 Arnold Schwarzenegger states that when the scene above takes place the character is eating a hamburger before and during some of the ensuing mayhem. 

 Is he right? 


4. The director of film #1 made another film directly after this one that cast 6 of the same actors (including the director himself) appearing in film #1.  Listed below are the actors (in bold) who appeared in both films next to the parts they played in film #1:

1. Andy Robinson as"Scorpio"

2. John Vernon as The Mayor

3. Woodrow Parfrey as Jaffe (food vendor)  

4. Albert Popwell as a bank robber

5. James Nolan as a liquor store owner

6. (the director) as a passerby (of title character's vehicle)

Listed below are the 5 character parts played (in no particular order) by the actors above in the same director's subsequent film

Murphy (plays table tennis and gets beaten) 

Maynard Boyle (Boss to Harold Young)

Unnamed (Clerk in a store the title character visits) 

Percy Randolph (has his car repossessed)

Harmon Sullivan (a bank robber)

Harold Young (bank manager)

Can you name the film subsequently directed by film #1's director, the director himself and match the parts listed in the director's subsequent film to the actors who played them (listed above the parts in bold)? 


5. The same director and star of film #1 made 4 other films together.

Can you name the other 4? 


6. The setting for film #1 is San Francisco. The same star plays a cop for the same director in their first film working together. In their debut working relationship, this actor has to travel to a different city (other than San Francisco) to extradite a prisoner. 

Can you name the pair's first film working together and name the city that the main character travels to, that most of the story takes place in? 




Six Degrees of Treasure Trivia: Quiz #3


Further hints to question #1 will be provided in the others (#2-#6).  Feel free to send your answers to 


#1. The following memorable quotes are heard in this film: 

"...the kind of man I've been looking for, lots of money and no resistance."

"Isn't there going to be any comedy in the show?"
(reply)"Plenty! The gay side, the hard-boiled side, the cynical and funny side of the depression! I'll make 'em laugh at you starving to death, honey... be the funniest thing you ever did."

Can you name the film? 


#2. In a very popular gangster film released in 1967 the central characters go to a theatre to see the film referenced in question #1.

Can you name the 1967 film? 


#3. In film #1 a scene that would have confounded Freud, features an actor who plays a baby (even though he was 8 years old at the time). This same actor memorably appears in a 1975 film about the destructiveness of the Hollywood dream machine whose setting occurs during the same decade in which film #1 was produced in.    

Can you name the actor and the 1975 film in which he appeared? 


#4. In an early scene from film #1 the fictional show's producer fires the 2 composers that have been working with him in order to hire a new composer he likes better. In reality, the 2 composers named are not only film #1's composers they also composed songs for 2 other major films with similar plot references, released the same year as film #1.   

Can you name the the composer and lyricist duo and the 2 other major film productions they worked on released that same year?  


#5. The actor playing the fictional replacement composer in film #1 stars as a very famous hard boiled detective in this film noir of 1944.   

Can you name the actor, the fictional detective and the film from 1944? 


#6. The director of film #1 had 2 years earlier made one of the most famous gangster films ever made which also made a huge star out of its lead actor. 

Can you name the director, the earlier film and its lead actor?


Six Degrees of Treasure Trivia: Quiz #2


Further hints to question #1 will be provided in the others (#2-#6).  Feel free to send your answers to  

#1. Two cops cynically banter throughout this film noir gem:  

"That's your seventh cup of coffee... you'll be awake for a year."  

(Sniffing a used glass of alcohol at a suspect's abandoned residence): "Aged in the glass Bourbon."

(Admiring a photo of a deceased crook's widow who works as a stripper): "Imagine a dish like this married to a mug like Benny McBride... The Naked and the Dead."            

Can you name the film?


#2. In the beginning of Film #1, a cop (the film's star) witnesses his partner being shot and killed. At the start of another film by the same director and with the same star, a similar situation occurs.         

Can you name the second film?  


#3. The target subject of Film #1 is also a primary feature used in heists carried out in these highly regarded crime movies from the following years:

1949, 1952, 1995, 2010.  

How many can you name? 


#4. At the end of Film #1 the character Dave Purvis meets his demise at an airport. The object he's carrying incurs the same results (at the same type of location) as that of another movie's fictional character: Johnny Clay. 

Can you name the "Johnny Clay" film? 


#5. Anthony Mann directed Film #1's star in a 1947 film about counterfeiters. Later in their careers Mann directed the opening scenes for a film this same actor appears in, Mann was subsequently fired from.  

 Can you name both movies? 


 #6. The actor who plays Dave Purvis in Film #1 is picked up by a couple of guys on a hunting trip in this 1953 film directed by an actress. 

Can you name the film and its Director? 

Six Degrees of Treasure Trivia: Quiz #1

6 DEGREES OF TREASURE TRIVIA:  Further hints to question #1 will be provided in the others (#2-#6). Feel free to send your answers to

1.  Both of the following memorable quotes are from the same film.  Can you guess the title?

“The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long and you’ve burned so very, very brightly Roy.”

“All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain.”

2.  There is a scene in the above film in which, during his investigation, our central character dons a false nerd-like identity and asks some largely irrelevant questions to a female suspect.

A similarly described scene occurs in a famous film noir of 1946. Can you name the film?

3.  The film referred to in question #1 was first released theatrically with a voice over narration. Some time later there was a subsequent version shown without it. In addition, its original ending was shortened.

Can you name the famous science fiction film from 1956 which underwent the same experience? 

4. One of the actors appearing in the film referenced in question #1 plays a game of chess. When he was much younger this same actor appeared in a classic film noir directed by a chess aficionado which also happens to contain a scene in which chess is played.  

Can you name the actor and the earlier film in which he appeared?

5. There is a climactic scene in film #1 that takes place in an iconic building. This famous building was used over 20 years earlier for an intense showdown toward the end of a noteworthy film.  

Can you name the building, its location (referenced in both films) and the earlier film's title?  

6.  In its theatrical release version, Film #1's happy ending utilized outtake footage from the very start of this 1980 horror film. The actor referenced in question #4 also makes a memorable appearance in this film directed by film #4's director.

Can you name this film and the occupation the actor plays here?  And finally for the real diehards out there provide the first name of the character he plays.